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About Dr. Sean Do

"Allow me to introduce myself and welcome you to my practice. I am Dr. Sean Do and my goal is to provide outstanding service to suit the individual needs of your entire family. I hope to offer a unique and pleasant experience each and every time you visit our office. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and techniques that will meet your needs from a single filling to full mouth restoration.

I attended University of California, Los Angeles, California majoring in Biochemistry back in 1993. After undergraduate studies, I worked for University of California, Davis, California as a research associate for a few years. I then attended Boston University School of Dental Medicine to obtain my dental degree and graduated in 2001.

I spend many hours in advanced training seminars and continuing education classes to keep myself abreast of the latest treatment ideas and techniques in dentistry to give our patients their beautiful smile.

As a dentist, I always care how the patients are feeling in the chair, and careful not to inflict any pain or discomfort during the procedures. I also take time to explain needed treatments and oral hygiene instructions instead of pushy at all about getting my patients to commit to treatment plans.  I believe patient satisfaction is the ultimate long-term success of my practice.

On a more personal note, I have been married to my wonderful wife, Kathy, since 2001. We have a wonderful son named Kaydon. In our free time, we like to hang out with family, go to the beach, cooking, painting, sculpting, and music.

To further my dedication to my existing patients and establish new patient relationships, I am delighted to share this experience with all of you. I am looking forward to a wonderful new location and hope to welcome many new patients."

Dr. Sean Do's continuing education

Perio Surgical Skills Workshop – Flap Design Osseous Recontouring
(02/28/2004, 02/29/2004 – Jim Grisdale, D.D.S., San Jose, CA)

Implant Surgery Skills Workshop – The Perio Institute's Implant Workshop
(03/12/2004. 03/13/2004 – Jack Hahn, D.D.S., San Francisco, CA)

Implant Site Preservation
(09/16/2006 – David Ehsan, M.D., D.D.S., San Francisco, CA)

Treating the Traumatized Dentition
(09/16/2006 – Kenneth W. Tittle, D.D.S., M.S., San Francisco, CA)

The Restorative & Surgical Aspects of Dental Implant
(10/26/2006 – Tram Hoang, D.D.S., M.S., permit No: RP4222, San Jose, CA)

Vivaneers Porcelain Veneers
(09/10/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Lava Crown & Bridges
(09/10/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Prep & No Prep Comprehensive Porcelain Veneer Techniques
(08/08/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Pre-prep Contouring to Achieve Ideal Archform w/ Empress Veneers
(09/10/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Updated Reverse Tooth Preparation Technique
(08/07/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Understanding the World of Conservative Dentistry: Applying Today's Materials in your Office
(09/17/2006 – Lou Graham, D.D.S., San Francisco, CA)

Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure: A Minimal Intervention Approach
(09/16/2006 – Hien Ngo, D.D.S., San Francisco, CA)

Imagination + Form + Color = Natural Esthetics
(09/15/2006 – Douglas Terry, D.D.S., San Francisco, CA)

BioTemps, Clinical Techniques for Indirect Temporization
(09/10/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Valplast – Flexible, esthetic partial dentures
(08/08/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Comfort H/S Bite Splints – The next generation of Occlusal Therapy
(09/09/2006 – Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)

Rapid Anesthesia, Reverse Preparation & Two-Cord Impression Techniques
(03/13/2009 –Michael C. DiTolla, D.D.S., Newport Beach, CA)